Between States


This workshop is a selection of material collected and discovered along the last year from classes and researches made by Caroline Alves and Miro Wallner. It involves mainly acrobatic movements and contemporary dance techniques.

During the workshop, the participants will practice spins and spirals, and will be encouraged to learn tricks from capoeira, contemporary dance and breakdance. There will be a focus on contemporary dance floor work; on improving upside down control in movement; exercising the spinal arch and learn how to use the chain effect. Finally, emphasis will be placed on eccentric and concentric explosive transitions between movements and on the composition of a movement score.

 The day starts with a good warm-up, opening and preparing the body structure through floor, mobilization and strengthening exercises. The movement sequences follow principles of alignment and distribution of weight, contributing to a flowing body state. High complexity maneuvers and combined moves are given separately in blocks with some free time for experimentation. We break movement in several parts to help understanding and to build progressively the conditions for participants to execute it.

“Between states” involves the exploration of empty spaces, of the unknown, the “blind” parts of the movement trajectory. Our aim with this workshop is to share our investigation on the intersection between dance and acrobatics and provide elements that will increase your coordination, balance, conditioning, strength, flexibility, as well your skills to create movement compositions. 

Workshop Split

Dates: 07.09 – 08.09.
Venue: Kam Hram
Ulica slobode 28, 21 000 Split, Croatia
Price: 300 Kunas (until 30.08.19)
Regular Price: 350 Kunas

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is a dancer, teacher and choreographer based in Berlin. With more than 20 years of movement experience, including 13 years of on stage contemporary dance. Her dance education consisted of Classical Ballet, Jazz, Modern Dance, Contemporary Dance and Contact Improvisation.

After high school she got selected to join the Brazilian state company Cia. de Dança Palácio das Artes. She was part of the ensemble for seven years and has worked with the most important Brazilian choreographers. She graduated in Psychology (PUC-Minas) and developed a research on “creative process in dance”.

In the last few years she has taught and performed around Brazil, Germany, Kenya, Croatia and China. She is currently part of the collective Hower and since 2013 she is part of Grupo Oito (Berlin).

is a dancer and a passionate teacher of movement based in Berlin. With more than 10 years of movement experience, including 6 years of on stage contemporary dance and years of movement practice with the circus and capoeira, Miro has a huge breadth of knowledge that he is enthusiastic to share with like minded practitioners of movement and dance forms.

Since 2013 he is part of the collective Grupo Oito and has taught and performed in different projects in Germany, Kenya and Croatia.

He is currently part of the collective Hower and besides dancing, he is teaching acrobatic motion and investigating strategies and tools for creation processes.