I teach every Friday. Exceptions are shared in our mailing list, facebook page, facebook group and website.

If you want to be sure, access this main page: http://7shortcuts.de/move/

If there is no attention sign with a message bellow the Regular Class, I will be there.

The classes are taught in English, but I also speak German and Portuguese. In case something is not clear, feel free to ask in these rage of languages.

The classes happen every Friday from 18:15 until 20:15. We spend some time to change clothes, clean and organize the space. All in all we practice ±1:30 hours.

The classes are happening in Berlin (Germany). The room is part of an association called Vuesch e.V.

The address is: Revaler Str. 99, 10245 Berlin / Gate 2
Building: Stoff- und Gerätelager, 1. Floor Room: Theater Lounge

This building is situated inside of a large area called RAW-Gelände.

Click here to see it in googlemaps.

Inside of the building, walk across the hall until the end. Find the stairs to the second floor. Cross the door on your right side. The first door on your left is the Theater Lounge. You will find signs to guide you.

Bring confortable clothes of your choice. I recommend you to com with long pants and t-shirts. The only reason is that we use the shoulders as pivot point and slide over the leg. If they are exposed can be harder to perform the moves.

Bring soft knee pads if you do not feel confortable to rest your knees on the floor. We use it in some transitions and exercises.

If the weather is cold, bring a pullover just to wear it until you get warm. To lie down on the floor at the beginning will be more confortable.

The drop in price is 13€. As part of the association activities, we offer you a 10-class-card for 100€.

You pay directly for the teacher in both cases.

You can use the card for every adult class in Vuesch for 6 months after the day of purchase. After the 6 months the card is automatically not valid.

The card stays unter your  responsability. Unfortunatly we cannot: 1) replace it if lost 2) give back the money if there are still classes avalible 3) accept it after the 6 months.

I use my experience with circus, capoeira and contemporary dance to guide the classes. Generally, I elect a principle to guide the practice.

We start with a basic warm-up to open the body and articulations. Use floor work sequences to move across the room. Work core exercises while moving. Focus on a particular trick step-by-step. Practice sequences relating to the principle of the class. Use mats or spotting technics to go further without risks.

Tricks: Headstands, Handstands, Rolls, Backflips, Frontflips, Back Handsprings, Mola, Macaco, Pião de Mãos, Helicóptero, Floor spins, Cartwheels and Combinations.

Not at the moment, but I am searching locations and a group of people to open a new day. Please share your favorite day and wishes with me. I would be happy to move this idea forward.

Yes, but not with acrobatics. If you are used to practicing sports, yoga, martial arts or any kind of regular activity, this is already a good start.

The class has a certain rhythm. That means that might be that while the group moves from simple to more complex movements, someone coming for the first time needs to keep repeating the simple variation until it is understood. It is a process, you follow your own time.

Come and see how you feel.